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Affections motivate my research. According to my own logic, without any strictness whatsoever,
I take the matter for my works from lived experiences. It consists of a process of understanding
different affections that, over time, constitute a kind of taxonomy of affections. If taxonomy
is a scientific method to classify and rank, in my artistic procedure it becomes a poetic tool.
From what is experienced to what is about to come and to become, I collect. I collect objects
that generate materiality, gestures that give meaning, times that situate, sufferings that give
voice, and overcoming which brings, then, concreteness. From the tracks of each path, I catalog.
It’s a way of following, while keeping time, not letting a moment be erased and cataloging
as a physical object something that otherwise would become lost in memory. I gather everything
in works that seek to become concrete in spheres of feelings and meanings.